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More emo rant bull

  • I give up.

  • I give up on love.

  • Either your lucky enough to get a bf/gf what meet what you want or your out of luck.

  • In my path, the things I learned. It feels like....its all been for nothing. Even if there 1million+ people in my state, we'll narrow that down to city/county, so its like 10,000+ odd people or something. chances are, I get nothing. people aren't going to fall out of the sky or somehow step my life. Either I lower my standards or change them. Wtf is happiness?

  • Not only that women are getting worse. Men are getting stupid. This is ridiculous. My conclusion is almost at the point where I think relationships don't need to exist. People are getting worse. Imagine someone telling you either get a fat chick(no offense....actually Idgaf)with that same interests. Or a nice looking chick with no similar interests. Here's where it gets worse. Imagine if all those girls who do exist that are nice looking(doesn't have to be off the wall beautiful) and have a great personality and same interests are all taken. Or that's what it feels like......or what if someone told you that you shouldn't look for the same interests, that its possible the person would start liking what you like? Why do I find it so hard to rationalize!? Maybe it's because I've been let down before, maybe I don't deserve anything? Idk....well whatever it is, perhaps I'm just not cut out for relationships.

  • *about the fat people statment:

    if you do not take care of your body which is capable of so much stuff and looking healthy and beautiful, I do no care what your view is. It's your fault your like that. And the whole beauty is skin deep bull is no reason to not be in health.*

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